Courses & Prices
We will only be providing courses during the summer months.

Course registration is required, 
prepayment saves you money.

 You may:  1.  Pay now with credit card or Paypal by using the buttons below or

2.  Pay with check or cash at the class for a $5.00 extra fee per person.

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lower the number of people who register, but then skip class.  Ugh!

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Please note:  Course prices listed are for local courses only.  
Prices change as time and travel are considered for 
out-of-area courses.

ADULT, INFANT & CHILD CPR with AED  ($60.00):  

2 year American Red Cross Certification in Adult, Infant and Child CPR with AED


2 year American Red Cross Certification in Adult, Child and Infant CPR and Standard First Aid, with AED

STANDARD FIRST AID Alone ($60.00):  

2 year Certification in First Aid with the American Red Cross


2 year Certification with the American Red Cross. AED stands for “Automated External Defibrillator”.  Add First Aid for no extra cost.

Babysitter's Safety Training  ($45.00)

Preparing 11 to 15 year olds for: ▪ Choking Emergencies  ▪ CPR ▪ Behavior Problems ▪ First Aid ▪ Diaper changing ▪ Setting Hourly Rates ▪ Getting jobs ▪ And much more!

HIV/AIDS EDUCATION   ($20.00 FOR 4 & 7 HR  In-Person COURSES)

What is HIV?  How can we safely handle blood and other bodily fluids?  Class includes 1 hour of Blood Borne Pathogen certification through the American Red Cross, and we follow the "KNOW" Curriculum with WA State.  Please specify if you need the 4 Hour or 7 Hour Class.  This is not an online class.


Designed to prepare children 8 years and older to problem solve when they are home alone.  Parents are encouraged to attend with their child for free!


This 2 day American Red Cross course will prepare you for emergencies when help is critically delayed by hours or days.  

A 2 year certification for Adult CPR is included with the 2 year certification in Wilderness First Aid

This extensive course includes creating survival kits; starting fires; finding safe water; wilderness first aid issues; CPR; victim transport and carries; and scenario practice.   

GROUP RATES ($50.00 per person):

   A group of four (4) or more people from one organization or business will be given a reduced rate per person.  Not applicable for out-of-area courses.


Did you lose your certification card?  
No problem!  

Current replacement cards are only $5.00.

The Home Alone Safety courses are designed to prepare children 8 to 12 years of age to problem solve possible issues (calling 911, fire, first aid, snacks, answering the door or phone, internet, choking, etc) when they are home alone. 

The cost is $25 for this 3 hour course, which includes a workbook, from the American Red Cross, so that parents may continue the conversation at home. Parents are also encouraged to attend, but it is not required.

​Policy Update (2/14/17):   

1.  We are happy to come to your site if you have a minimum of 6 people certifying. Out of area courses may require a fee for mileage.  Call for a quote today!

​2.  Courses with more than 13 students require a second instructor and a guarantee of the number of participants.

​3.  There is no longer a reduced group rate for out-of-area courses.

4.  Once a course has been submitted to The American Red Cross, changes in certifications will result in a $20 fee.